Religious, not Governmental Beliefs

Seriously, these devout religious fanatics should be your role models, because it’s 2012 and fucking deal with it:

That’s right, there are religious groups that have beliefs they DON’T try and legally force on the general public! You know why? Because they realize their beliefs are RELIGIOUS BELIEFS and therefor don’t pertain to the lives of people outside THEIR OWN religion! Wow, what a revelation! Isn’t it great how we live in a country where Jews can’t force us to not eat pork and Muslims can’t force us to cover the faces of all women and atheists can’t force us to give up religion? It’s fucking great! It’s so fucking amazing I could shit a brick over how great our country is… I mean, if it actually worked that way. Instead, we have Christians legislating their morality, which Constitutionally is no more valid than that of a Jew or a Muslim or a Mormon or a Scientologist or yes, that of an atheist.

When you vote to outlaw marriage (I won’t call it gay marriage because that’s not what we should call it, any more than we now call a marriage between two loving people that once was illegal an “interracial marriage” by default) you are doing so solely based on religious beliefs. I have not, in my decade of publicly fighting this, heard one sound argument as to why marriage between two consensual loving people of the same gender should have different rights from any other couple except by religious beliefs, which are not (or at least SHOULD NOT be) enforceable in the USA. Unless, of course, you make allegations so outlandish as to discriminate against almost ALL marriage.

Frankly, you people who are fighting gay marriage as a legal marriage are doing so on a religious (and thus, unconstitutional) basis. And that makes you… what’s the word I’m looking for about people who try to defile the meaning of the constitution and thus the USA? Oh right, TRAITORS!

If you try to fight against the civil rights of homosexuals, no matter what your religious beliefs, you are anti-American. Not to mention your grandchildren will look back at it in 50 years and wonder why you were such an intolerant bigot.

Take that message and cram it up your ass, Fox News!


~ by kriskodisko on June 10, 2012.

3 Responses to “Religious, not Governmental Beliefs”

  1. First!

  2. That first photo is one of my favorites lately. Some (religious people) are kickass, even though I don’t agree with their religion.

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