Mitt Romney’s Tax Returns

Mitt Romney was on Fox & Friends, the favorite place for peopled up at 6am to go and hear three “fair and balanced” “journalists” report on what the Republican party wants them to report on, and how they wen them to. Don’t believe me? Why would I lie about something that’s obviously caught on tape, with Steve Doocy reading directly from Republican talking points memos. Romney was there defending his decision to not reveal his tax returns.

It’s interesting he brings up John McCain in this video, because as James Carville put it:

And in relation:

Romney is defending himself by claiming that he’s already doing more than is required of him by law by releasing not just his 2011 but ALSO his 2010 records! Why not release more of his tax records? I mean, at some point the controversy about him not doing so will have done more damage than just releasing them, right? Unless, as Romney’s admitted, he’s used plenty of tax loopholes. And has millions upon millions of dollars stashed overseas. And releasing these records would show how much involvement he had in his other scandal de jour, his time at Bain Capital. And that, it’s even conceivably possible that he legally but most assuredly shadily used loopholes to pay little to NO taxes on given years.

But it’s completely unfair of us to demand to see these tax forms… cries the party that demanded to see Obama’s birth certificate.


~ by kriskodisko on July 17, 2012.

One Response to “Mitt Romney’s Tax Returns”

  1. Lol, considering how many tax- funded programs the Republicans try to cut, it’d be nice to see if any of them actually paid taxes.

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