You Can’t Disagree With Me!

You know what I can’t stand? When people disagree with me. Because obviously there’s no way I’m wrong, ever. Everyone who disagrees with me is not just wrong, but they’re also petty and jealous. Jealous of how much smarter and happier and more successful and better looking I am than them. Oh, you claim you’re not jealous? That just makes you even more jealous. And probably riddled with herpes.

You ever had a large number of people disagree with you on something? Yeah, that can’t possibly mean that each and every one of those people has a legitimate opinion of their own. What it really means is that they’re part of some sadistic, racist, godless butt-buddy cabal that are all ganging up on you. They probably hold meetings in their basement and talk about ways to verbally berate you in between their Klan rallies and special-ed classes.

But the people who are the worst are the people who write posts about other people behind their back (I mean, even though this is an open-forum social network, and often people are usertagged when being discussed… so even though it’s right in front of your face, it’s behind your back… maybe your head’s on backwards?). These people who are willing to voice their strongly-held opinions and fuck what everyone else thinks… they’re just cowards. Oh, and a post like this doesn’t count because I didn’t mention anyone’s names. So I’m completely innocent in all of this. In fact, I’m the victim here! I mean sure, I may have initiated things by misrepresenting people’s opinions, ignoring their responses to me, maligning their beliefs and throwing online tantrums when someone points out that I’m wrong… but how DARE anyone call me out on that kind of thing?


Oh, you’re still disagreeing with me, even though I pointed out that we both tend to have the same political convictions? That makes you a MEANIE! I demand that you leave me alone, then I insult you, then when you respond calmly and rationally to my insult WHY AREN’T YOU LEAVING ME ALONE!? Stop talking to me in an open forum after I insult you then demand you fuck off. I mean, how rude can you possibly be? Oh, and I know I’ve been subscribed to you for like a year, and I comment on all of your shit, but I never really liked you. In fact, you’re super boring. I was only polite to you like twice. In fact, you’re barely of average intelligence. And you’re not funny. Or smart. And your writing is awful. And you’re a POOPIE HEAD! You’re a horrible person for making judgments on people (but please forget that I constantly call people racist, sexist, or even pedophiles because I don’t like them or the people they agree with). Did I mention you’re not smart? Or funny? ‘Cause if I didn’t, you should know you’re not smart or funny. You not-smart, not-funny person with an ugly face.

[NOTE: If you care to know what this post is about, check this post from Xanga and, more importantly, the comment section from Xanga, which I’ve left.]


~ by kriskodisko on December 19, 2012.

2 Responses to “You Can’t Disagree With Me!”

  1. I can’t read all of this because you got me too drunk and it isn’t under 140 characters. But fuck people that disagree with me because I am always right!

  2. Damn, Krisko! Calm down. Have some dip.

    Just kidding. Paige is a complete jackass and if she never types out another poorly spelled, poorly thought-out and borderline insane post, she’ll have proven the truth about herself completely with that one.

    I can’t believe she actually stooped to the level of ‘You’re ugly and yo momma dresses you funny!’. But then, discourse never was her strong suit.

    BTW, check out Da_Vinci’s comment. Laughed my ass off. Speaking of which, the end of the first paragraph of your post made me spew coffee. Thanx for that.

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