“Well (s)he’s obviously not a TRUE Christian”

When I bring up how I, as an atheist, am often treated by Christians, I hear “well they aren’t true Christians then.” I also hear this from both sides of the issue of homosexuality. The side opposing it says that the people of the side condoning it “aren’t true Christians”, while the side condoning it tells me that the people who condemn homosexuality “aren’t real Christians” as well.

This is known as the No True Scotsman fallacy, and is often used to dissociate one’s self from a person or group of people that might otherwise paint one and one’s beliefs in a bad tone.


However, this assertion is offered on an arbitrary and baseless guideline.

Chris·tian: one who professes belief in the teachings of Jesus Christ

So obviously these people who “aren’t true Christians” really ARE true Christians, just ones that the person making this claim does not want to be associated with. And most of the time the “untrue” Christian will have Biblical passages supporting their claim, no matter what side of an issue they are on. Jesus says love your neighbor, so it’s wrong to condemn homosexuals. But Deuteronomy makes it very clear that homosexuality is an abomination, so they can’t be tolerated! See? Both sides have scripture on their side.

Someone else could easily assert that no true Christian would ever tell a lie. And *POOF* just like that, this bold proposal eliminates nearly 2 billion Christians.


~ by kriskodisko on December 23, 2012.

5 Responses to ““Well (s)he’s obviously not a TRUE Christian””

  1. Can’t the same be said of Athiest.. or anybody really? I dont think this merely applies to Christians. However, there is one thing I will add: As Christians, we are followers of Christ, so our prime example for living and interpretation of the whole of the scriptures should be centered on Christ. Funny, how Jesus had more condeming things to say to the religious and was generally more loving towards others, those the religious found sinful, unclean, and disgusting. I think that tells us a big something about the way we should live life and love others. that being said, Jesus also never did tell them that being sinnners or prostitues or tax xollexctors was good, nor did he say he agreed and it was ok, but he did offer love and acceptance.

    • I think I mostly agree with Douledb’s comment- assholes are everywhere, doesn’t matter which religion or non-religion they are. lol. I’m not sure anyone knows what is the “true” Christianity. All I have to go on as a Christian is this compiled book of old sayings and legends and accounts, plus my own brain. There’s plenty of room for differences in interpretation. :-/ I guess we each just try the best we can.

    • I don’t think I’ve ever heard “he’s not a true atheist” before. Humanist or liberal or skeptic, etc… yes I have. But atheism doesn’t have any central tenets to hold on to, it is rather being excluded from other groups. It’s like saying “he’s not a true moon-landing denier!”

      • Hmm… no, but I have heard “he’s not a true scientist,” meaning that they aren’t doing logic correctly. Does that count?

        • Well, science is something that has pretty standard practices involved. For example, Phillip Johnson (inventor of the Intelligent Design movement) is not a scientist, since he went to law school. Science also follows the scientific method, and published scientific articles are subjected to peer review. So when we say things like “intelligent design is not true science,” it’s backed up by an extremely well-accepted (and in fact, necessary) premise.

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