Republicans Don’t Get To Complain

Let me be very clear what I’m talking about here. It’s not all Republicans, and there are plenty of Democrats/Independents/etc who aren’t exempt. But if you supported George W. Bush’s Patriot Act bullshit, you don’t get to cry foul now just because it happens to be a black Democrat doing it (I know that for some people his skin color has nothing to do with this outcry… but admit it, for some people it’s the main reason).

I know race can be a factor because this exists.

That being said, the people who should be complaining about the horrible shit Obama’s doing. Dropping bombs on poor brown countries with a few potential terrorists in them (I’d like to see that rational work its magic if we suspect terrorists of being hunkered down in France), cracking down on legal medical marijuana dispensaries (why aren’t all the “state’s rights” advocates getting their panties in a twist for that?), invading our privacy on a level that makes George W Bush look like he opened a few pieces of his neighbor’s mail on accident. The liberal democrats and independents have every right to be in an uproar about this, yet they are remaining disconcertingly quiet in the mainstream. The left-of-center people who are making a vocal ruckus about this are painted as a fringe element, not worthy of having their ideas truly considered and scrutinized, just dismissed outright. It’s even worse if they’re part of the Washington machine, in which case they’re told to sit down, shut up, and get the fuck back in line with the rest of the quivering-in-their-boots Democrat rank and file.

Sure, the media has no qualms calling out Obama on scandals; just normally not the ones that matter. I mean, we’ve learned that the IRS targeting wasn’t exclusive to conservatives, and the only time it was it was about six levels below the president. Benghazi was a tragedy, but would more accurately be caused by Republican-sponsored, bipartisan-endorsed, Obama-independent cuts to embassy security. These are bullshit, smoke and mirrors, “non-alcoholic” scandals. Sure, Fox News, when you are discussing Benghazi it looks like Obama’s driving with a beer in his hand, but on closer inspection it turns out he’s not actually doing anything wrong. Of course, by reporting on this you’re missing the bigger story of the Walter White quantities of meth in the trunk of his car.

Obama is bombing hundreds of innocent people to kill a handful of people who are probably guilty, or probably will be guilty at some point, all by remote control. He’s spying on journalists, he’s spying on politicians, he’s spying on you and me. It’s 100% totally fucked, but nobody who is in a position to do something about it seems to care. Sure, he’s taken baby steps to promote gay rights, enact health care reform, and promote equal pay; but pretty much all of that has been meager half-measures that in no way balance out the Bush Jr bullshit we elected him to be the countermeasure to.

Democrats need to sack up and call this bullshit out. I’ve said that Republicans don’t get to bitch about this, and it’s true. You’re the ones who opened up the Pandora’s Box of extended executive powers, so you don’t get to play the victim card because the person using those powers now is someone you don’t like. The only way you get a pass on the righteous indignation here is if you admit that you’re mad at Obama for doing what you cheered George W Bush for doing first, and agree that everything should be done to reign in these executive powers again, and keep them reigned in… no matter who’s in office.

In some ways, it’s like you never left.

~ by kriskodisko on June 10, 2013.

2 Responses to “Republicans Don’t Get To Complain”

  1. Hey Krisko, Steven here. I agree with everything you’ve said; democrats are complicit in this just like republicans are.

    And as I’ve said before many times, fuck the two party system in its entirety. I’m voting Green next year and in 2016, thank you very much.

  2. I’m disappointed with Obama, but I haven’t written him off just yet. Still hoping he can recover from this shit and do something great.

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