Be an Organ Donor, Obviously

I posted what I thought was a relatively innocuous line on my Twitter and Facebook: “How is anybody NOT an organ donor? Checking that box is quite literally the least you can do to help people.” Apparently this is far more offensive than my jokes about the Pope being a Nazi or raping coyotes or the Gyllenhaal siblingsbeing lovers, because the debate on my Facebook page is currently 55 comments deep and growing. Now, as much as I love fostering debate and arguments on here, I tend to keep that off of my Facebook. Since people want to argue with each other over this, I’m providing this venue.

Apparently the most offensive thing I’ve ever said.

Let’s look at this simply and logically:

  • When you die, your organs tend to stop doing you any good.
  • When you die, you stop caring what happens to your body.
  • Your organs can save somebody’s life.

None of this is in question. Zero percent. So how the hell can it be that only 38% of Americans are registered organ donors?


Nope, not worth checking a box when I renew my license once every three years. That’s a lot of work, and fuck those people.

This doesn’t even seem to be an item that should be up for debate. The argument was brought up that it is a choice. I agree, and I’m not demanding compulsory donation. I just find it completely ludicrous that anybody would not want to do this. The issue was brought up that doctors may not fight as hard to save your life if you’re a donor. I think if doctors can put past personal issues to follow the Hippocratic oath and treat murderers and KKK members, they can still give it their all to save someone despite being a donor. There’s the “my religion doesn’t allow me to,” and I think you can guess my feelings on that. Then there’s my favorite argument, that your organs will go to somebody to whom you don’t approve.

A likely scenario, apparently?

I just don’t see it. At all. Do you?

OK, now that I’m done ranting about that, I’m going back to writing about sauropod vertebrae bracing, so strap yourself in for my next post!



~ by kriskodisko on June 14, 2013.

6 Responses to “Be an Organ Donor, Obviously”

  1. I attended a church for a while that believed on judgment day, your body would reconstitute (as long as you were buried whole) so that your soul could re-inhabit it. It never made any sense to me, but I see why some would be against it if they believe they’re coming back and need that liver. I really don’t care what happens to my body when I’m dead, so why shouldn’t they harvest any and all useful organs to save other lives? I’m with you on this, but I wouldn’t have challenged people like you did.

  2. I’m an organ donor and I don’t see any sensible reason not to be. We don’t need organs once dead. Why not save someone? I’m sure religious nuts will not want to, I mean some refuse blood even if it will save their lives.

    Be a donor. Save a life. Who knows, you could need an organ one day.

    That’s my two cents.

  3. I am not an organ donor because I want to be cryogenically frozen.

  4. As I recall, you cannot be both a body donor, and an organ donor. That’s one valid reason I can think of.

  5. It does seem pretty stupid. But in the interests of playing devil’s advocate, what about the argument that the person dying can’t stand the thought of being cut up, or maybe their relatives are so grieved by their passing it seems heinous that any part of them would be in somebody else’s body.

  6. I am most certainly an organ donor, I won’t be using them if I die and I truly hope that my organs could be used by someone to save their life or better it. What reasons did some give to not be a donor?

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