No Gay Spiderman

Because I’m a glutton for punishment, I was debating politics on Facebook. It’s recognized by the DSM as a more severe form of cutting.

Somebody asked what they’d think about a gay Spiderman after the news that Andrew Garfield (the current star of The Amazing Spiderman) thinks that Peter Parker should come out of the closet in TASM 2. A commenter (I won’t reveal his name here, so his name will be AA, short for An Asshole) said:

“Who cares if he is bi? How about we change his powers too? Change is origins? Spiderman: The bird winged bisexual cowboy. Wait, he’s not Spiderman anymore. Did y’all see the comments on that page? The fans don’t want it. If I want to see gay stuff, I’ll go to San Fran or hop on the internet.”

Besides being just overwhelmingly, mind-bogglingly homophobic, he could have a bit of a point. I mean, the fans hate it when comic book movies leave the original canon. Which is why the new Batman movies were such a flop, since Batman began in the 21st century and Bane wasn’t a super-steroid abuser like in the comics. And the last Spiderman franchise (let’s ignore Spiderman 3 for the point I’m making) were commercially unsuccessful because the web-shooters were organic, not an invention. And Daredevil… well no, that one just sucked… but that one stayed true to the comic!

Yes, if we made Spiderman fly it would be ridiculous, because Spiderman was defined by his powers, and he never flew. But being heterosexual is not a superpower he maintains in the face of adversity from a supervillain. It’s not like being gay/straight is crucial to his character. And nobody’s suggesting that it’s made the major storyline. It’s not like anybody’s aiming for this:


Seriously, AA, grow the fuck up. Your bigotry is showing, and much like everybody around you right now, your children will be embarrassed as hell to be associated with you.


~ by kriskodisko on July 16, 2013.

3 Responses to “No Gay Spiderman”

  1. Aww, I liked Christopher Nolan’s take on Bane.

    I’ll be totally honest here, I don’t really care for the Spiderman movies. None of the cast in any of them really seemed right for their parts. It would make absolutely no difference if Andrew Garfield had his way and Peter Parker came out of the closet, as I probably wouldn’t watch it anyway. I’ll stick to the X-Men movies, and The Avengers. And Iron Man. Definitely Iron Man.

  2. I actually think it would be more interesting if Iron Man was gay. Robert Downey Jr. could pull it off! 😉

  3. Honestly whether most super heroes males are gay or not they never really have are too involved with themselves to even carry on any type of relationship. At least if they’re gay, I’m sure unlike woman their partners would be more understanding, less needy and more likely to not hold things over their heads.

    If the actor feels spiderman should come out gay, there must be something underlined in spiderman. It’s not like he really lives MJ its more of an obsession. 🙂 Batman= gay … superman surprisingly not gay.

    Did I miss the point? Lol

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