Christians, Stop Using These Arguments

I try to be respectful to people who disagree with my ideology, but sometimes a religious person will say or do something that I just can’t be cordial when addressing. As should be apparent (but almost never is), this is not targeting ALL Christians. There are some Christians I have tremendous respect for  – jmallory and TheGreatBout being two vocal ones who come to mind, both of whom represent what I consider to be the best Christianity has to offer (that’s meant to be a compliment, but with me being the source it may be construed as an insult). But any time a Christian uses these argument tactics without thinking first, I don’t know how to respond with anything but the verbal equivalent of a kick to the shins.

“You obviously believe in god, because you say things like ‘Oh my god!’ or ‘Bless you!'”
One of the most ridiculous arguments ever used against me, and still one of the most common ones I hear. It should be obvious that saying “oh my god” does not constitute a legitimate swear, and is more a social construct that I grew up in. If you say “holy cow” to something, that doesn’t make you Hindu, does it?

“Christians are the most persecuted group in America.”
Really? So you’ve had problems with Jews setting the Star of David on fire in your lawn, or Muslims telling you that you’re a terrorist because of your religion, or atheists keeping you from holding government office? Stop acting like in modern America Christians are still being thrown to the lions like the iconic image of ancient Rome. It’s almost impossible to get a political position if you are anything but Christian. We have a grand total of one Muslim congressperson (Keith Ellison, D-MN) and one openly secular congressperson (Pete Stark, D-CA). That means that Christians outnumber ALL other religious groups 433 to 2 in congress. Not exactly like Christians aren’t getting enough representation in government.

“Atheists just hate god.”
No more than I hate Bigfoot, Nessie, unicorns, or non-corrupt politicians, in that I don’t believe any of these things exist. Yes, I often hate the followers of god, or the ideas espoused by god… but the same can be said about the Twilight books and Twilight fans, it doesn’t mean I think Stephanie Meyer was a prophet.

“If you’d just read the Bible, you’d understand!”
Don’t assume that I haven’t read the Bible just because I don’t believe in it. In fact, I think that proper Biblical studies, meaning in a correct historical context, is a very potent force for atheism. I’ve read the Bible multiple times, as a devout believer, as a person questioning his faith, and as a non-believer. Each time I read the Bible I find more and more in there that does not jive with the world I see around me.

“Atheists just hate Christians, but they always stand up for Muslims!”
Speaking from experience, I think of Islam on about the same page that I think of Christianity: it’s believers are misguided, using shady logic, but most of them are decent, well-meaning people. The reason people often perceive me as being pro-Islam is because nearly all the anti-Islam sentiment I stumble across comes from a fundamentalist Christian perspective. And in a fight between a moderate Muslim and an extremist Christian, I’ll side with the Muslim.

“I never see you attacking [insert not not your religion here], but you’re always attacking Christianity!”
True. And there are a few reasons for this.
1) My “attacks” on Christians/Christianity draw more readers, more comments, and more recs, which in turn means more people read it. This alone could bias your sampling.
2) I know more about Christianity, so I feel more comfortable writing about it.
3) I was raised Christian, and live in a predominantly Christian area, so Christianity is much more pertinent to me than other religions.
4) The problems I encounter with religion on a personal basis is almost entirely Christian. I’ve never gotten a death threat from a Jew, I’ve never been physically assaulted by a Muslim, I’ve never had a Jain try to legislate their religion over me. Christians have done all of these things to me.

“You have no right to attack my faith!”
I have every right to attack your faith, and you have every right to tell me why I’m wrong, just like you have every right to ignore my attack. I’m sick of the mentality that religion is a topic we can’t discuss and question. I can throw out dozens of reasons why I disagree with Republicans, but for some reason when I question how rational it is to believe in the literal reading of a book thousands of years old I’m crossing the line? If you’re using your religion to affect my life or the life of anyone I care about, I have every right in the world to question your logic and/or motivations.


~ by kriskodisko on August 6, 2013.

4 Responses to “Christians, Stop Using These Arguments”

  1. You make your points well in this post.

  2. I can get behind this blog, even as a Christian. I really do not enjoy all the cliches. True, there are some countries where Christians are killed for their faith; however, here in America the only ones being “persecuted” at all are the ones who are in peoples faces and wont leave them alone (even when some of them ask nicely, and a lot!).

    As far as attacking, I might agree… I dont think anyone should be attacking or “doing battle” but I see no problem with debating, discussing, or questioning. I think those things are good… and besides, if you believe God created us, then he gave us our brains to use, so for those who use it and it leads them elsewhere, well. they have to do what is right for them. They have to live with the worldview they find right and true (so long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else though, right?)

    Good words here! I think I am going to share this!

  3. “If you’re using your religion to affect my life or the life of anyone I care about, I have every right in the world to question your logic and/or motivations.”

    Thank you for using the words “you’re”, “affect” and “the” correctly.

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