My Problem With Liberal Christians

I think everybody who has so much as perused my writings knows how I feel about what I call “Red State Christianity”: the anti-women’s rights, anti-homosexual rights, global-warming-isn’t-real, a-fetus-is-a-person, the-universe-is-6000-years-old, this-is-a-Christian-nation folks. They want more religion in government; more specifically, they want more of their religion in government. And I can’t stand them.

But whenever I go on my diatribes about religion, which I admit often paint religion in a very broad swatch, the question often comes up: “but you don’t mean my religion, do you?” And while many atheists I know would say yes, I don’t. While I think you’re wrong, I don’t think it matters much more than anything else someone might be wrong about. To me, people that don’t force their religion on others aren’t an issue. Their faith bothers me about as much as somebody having a lucky shirt, and I address it normally in a matter of intellectual debate, the same way I would about natural selection acting on the individual or gene level (read a book, people).

If you’re that kind of Christian (or Muslim, Buddhist, Jew, etc etc etc) I don’t issue with you. You’re not using your beliefs to force politicians to push demonstrably false or even harmful agendas. You’re not discriminating against others for the color of their skin or their sexual orientation. You’re not donating money to churches who practice malice in the world (possible exception for Catholics, here). But you do one thing that I have trouble swallowing:

You make the Red State Christians seem plausible. Every time they say they did something because God/the Bible/their religion demands it, your beliefs lend a bit of credence to it, because you bridge the gap between their brand of craziness and sanity.




Red State Christians wouldn’t get away with their bullshit if there weren’t people in between 100% skeptic and 100% religion-based hate. If they were claiming that American can’t allow gays to marry because their toaster told them this, nobody would take them seriously. But because they say it’s God, for some reason now the hate is legitimate and must be considered as a matter of public discourse.

That is my only real issue with liberal Christianity. Again, believe what you want. If it doesn’t impact others negatively, that’s awesome, and I’ll just go about my day quietly disagreeing with your quiet beliefs, and we’ll all go along quietly being happy. But right now, you give some legitimacy to these people, and I take issue with that.

*P.S.: Most of this does not apply if you are a liberal Christian who is outspoken against the Red State Christians, who my liberal Christian friends tell me are perverting their faith. Sadly, a Red State Christian can still get half the votes in this country, so obviously their speaking out isn’t very loud.


~ by kriskodisko on August 22, 2013.

4 Responses to “My Problem With Liberal Christians”

  1. Since God is Unknowable, how do people KNOW when he speaks?

  2. My toaster is useless. I never listen to it!

  3. I can see what you’re saying in that people believing somewhat like the crazy way-out-there people lends credibility to those crazy way out there people’s ideas… However, I think this is true of any group at all. People have varying degrees of belief in ideas. Saying that you take issue with the people who quietly believe what they believe isn’t any better than me saying “I actually take issue with the fact that you’re atheist because it’s ruining the moral fiber of society” just because some crazy way out there atheist doesn’t have a problem killing people or something. I don’t want to be connected to someone who says “kill gays” any more than you want to be connected to someone who says “kill religious people.” Because we aren’t connected to them. We would never condone or do something like that.

    I guess on a broader, more incorporating scale, we are all humans and fall under the category of “people who like to be right.” Some people are more dangerous to society in their need to be right than others, but we aren’t all thinking like that. It’s a spectrum and I suppose either we all need to say “I have given them some credibility in their extreme views” or “we don’t agree with what the extreme view is and would like to not be associated with that, thanks.”

  4. Interesting point! And the picture made me literally LOL.

    But (to go a bit on a tangent) ultimately the real root of the problem isn’t religion since it’s a social construct. And if we are to accept that God (and the devil) is just a concept then the root of all our problems is simply humanity. And when you think about it, if we wiped out humanity our world would be a better place. No more selfish, destruction of our environment. Hate would be non-existent. War would never take place. God/religion would be no more.

    Of course I’m saying this tongue-in-cheek (and I’m not saying that the destruction of humanity is what you suggest.) I am saying that I don’t care about religion because it’s inconsequential to whether or not this world would be a better place. We make our own problems all the time. Religion is our own making, and God, if we are to take the atheist stance, is also of our own making. Just like war, politics, money, philosophical ideologies, societal ideologies are our own. Our problems are a never ending list, and the root isn’t religion/the God concept. It’s us.

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