Want to reduce the number of abortions? Here’s my plan:

Step 1: Proper sex education. How many of you had a PROPER sexual education course? I know I did. I still have nightmares about the slideshow. If you had a proper course, you know what I’m talking about. The extreme closeups on ravaged genitalia.
“What is that? Is that a hippo with gout?”
“That’s gonorrhea.”
“Oh. I’m never touching a woman. Ever.”
Those slideshows always reminded me of what could happen if I had unprotected sex. Even over a decade later those images are burned to the backs of my retinas. And for the record, a proper sex education still teaches that abstinence is the best way to prevent pregnancy and STDs. But it should not be the only thing taught.

Expecting teenagers to just “say no to sex” is incredibly naive. This is when hormones are flowing and every single facet of society tells you to have sex… it’s fun and popular. So just saying “abstain” and washing your hands of it is not a solution. Teaching kids about condoms, the pill, and other options are what works. Kids that don’t get sex education don’t know that you can get STDs from oral sex, or that you can get pregnant even if you do “pull out.” So obviously their education is incomplete.

Part of this sex education will be teaching that pregnancies are a purely biological function, not a horrible stigma upon whatever woman has it. My theory is that part of the reason for getting an abortion is the fear of the shame of being an unwed teenage mother.

Step 2: Access to contraceptives. All this teaching doesn’t do any good if they can’t get the things they need for safe sex. This seems fairly self-explanatory. Expecting kids not to have sex because they have no access to condoms is like expecting to reduce the number of fires by removing fire extinguishers.

Step 3: Financial support for women who DO become pregnant. One of the determining factors in getting an abortion is “can I afford this baby?” If they get help with things like medical attention, maternity clothes, leave of absence from their job, a legitimate way to get affordable care for the child while the mother works her job… why, they might not get an abortion! Far too often the “pro-life” crowd seems to cease caring about the life once it is outside the womb. That’s not pro-life, that’s pro-fetus.

Now of course, there will be some concern over people abusing this, and saying “I’m pregnant, give me money.” There’s a really simple way around that. Give them funding in a way that can only be used towards legitimate enterprises. I obviously don’t know the most fool-proof method yet, but some thoughts I’ve had include:

  • Something like food stamps, but used only towards things like maternity clothes, cribs, diapers, etc.
  • “Pregnancy counselors” or something of the sort that you must go through to buy all these things. You must check in with them every so often for medical checkups and help planning and purchasing.
  • Medical checkups would be required for proof of pregnancy.

This should be something both sides of the issue can get behind. It doesn’t impede on a woman’s right to choose, which will make pro-choice people happy, and it decreases the amount of abortions, which makes pro-lifers happy.




~ by kriskodisko on September 11, 2013.

2 Responses to “Want to reduce the number of abortions? Here’s my plan:”

  1. Its funny you posting this, because I was raise din the middle of the bible belt and I had sex ed not just once but twice. They called it “Health” class but it was Sex Ed. In Middle school, seventh grade we learned about the reproductive organs and some of the main STD’s, then in high-school… ninth grade I think, we had it all over again but more in-depth. Our teachers actually did also teach about contraception (and help if one did get pregnant) but they did also say that the only 100% way NOT to get STDs or pregnant was abstinence. Which, I kind of agree with myself. So, I am not very convinced that more “info” will make abortions go down. I think there need to be mandatory counseling with teenagers in middle school, especially if there is a change in behavior (usually they just get detention). Then I think in high school student should not be required but encouraged to seek out counseling as need, for whatever they need. I think if males and females knew how to better communicate, and also not find acceptance though sex alone (but also or instead in other avenues) then the amount of teens having sex, getting pregnant, and having abortions will go down. So, personally, even though I dont like abortions, I think the problem is a lot more work than both sides know. The problem is no one wants to do that much work or take that much time. It is easier to demand a class or that something be done, but much harder to be the one who actually volunteers to help (finger pointed at myself here as well).

  2. I agree on sex ed. But not in the “scary” kind of way. In the informative kind of way :).

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