Not in the Bible

The following is a list of “biblical” concepts and images people hold that you will find nowhere within the Bible.

  • Israelites building pyramids
  • Jesus being white
  • Mary Magdalene being a prostitute
  • Jesus and Mary Magdalene having an affair
  • Jesus carrying lambs
  • People waving palm branches
  • Christians being killed in the Colosseum or any other Roman arena
  • The archangel Gabriel blowing a horn
  • St. Peter standing at the pearly gates
  • Anyone selling their soul to the devil
  • Condemnation of abortion
  • People becoming angels in heaven
  • Mormons
  • Any mention of the following:
    • Venal or mortal sins
    • Easter
    • Christmas
    • Guardian angels
    • Halos
    • Nuns
    • Ashes on foreheads
    • Immaculate Conception
    • Holy Communion
    • Original sin

Is there a purpose behind posting this list? Not especially, except for a general loathing I have for people who preach at me (not to me) about “the Good Book” without a thorough concept of it themselves.



~ by kriskodisko on November 12, 2013.

5 Responses to “Not in the Bible”

  1. I have found over the years, that many atheists know the Bible better than many Christians. Maybe it’s a thorough reading of it that leads to unbelief?!

  2. So you loathe people who preach at you… Please tell me more about how your blog doesn’t try to tell people what to believe.

    • Did I force you to read it?

      • No, you didn’t, but that also wasn’t my point. I just like to make sarcastic comments after a long and tiring day, especially when encountering hypocrisy. I didn’t mean to offend you or your views. I am sorry if I did.

  3. I’m sure that some of them are afraid to read any parts that aren’t mentioned by their ministers.
    I had a very brief conversation with a traveling Jehovah’s Witness one time, many years ago. I asked her how she knew that what was written in her bible was true; at which time she pointed to one of the illustrations in her book and said, “because there’s a picture of it.” that was the end of the conversation.

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